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Please pay your dues if you have not done so this year

Membership offers a wide range of opportunities for a diverse group of people.  Everyone who uses clay as a medium of expression is invited to join us including hobbyists or advanced professionals.  If you would like to get involved with other like-minded people who are creative, fun and full of energy, the Potters' Guild of Las Cruces may be just what you are looking for.  Click here to download a membership form.



Guild members are looking forward to another busy year...... 

Glenn Schwaiger invited Guild members to participate in a workshop given by Bill and Janice Cook at the DACC Workforce Center on April 20th.  He also opened his wood kiln to members for a firing at his Agavearts Studio on April 28th.  The previous firing was very exciting when several member toiled for over 12 hours, through 2 thunderstorms complete with lightening and hail to complete the labor intensive task of stoking the kiln!  All agreed the results were worth the effort!  Bill Cook peaks into the kiln (above) to admire the finished work in January.  David Beattie (below) stokes the kiln early in the afternoon.  Glenn and Jeff Erwin discuss some of the amazing results.  Glenn will also give us a tour during the first meeting of the year at the Dona Ana Community College Ceramics Studio at the Workforce Center at the end of the month.  Other interesting programs are scheduled including Cally Williams on slip trailing and Maya Brewington showing us her amazing surface decorations.

The Guild's premeir exhibition, From the Ground Up XXVIII will open August 4th.  All members are encouraged to apply.  Submissions were due in April.  The Guild is excited to announce Stephen Hill will juror the show and conduct a three day workshop the following weekend.  Work will start on this year's Empty Bowls luncheon soon which will keep members busy through mid-October.  A couple of alternative firings will be on the agenda, including the annual Raku firing at the Summers and possibly a pit or barrel firing.  Over 612 medallions were sold to willing participants last year in the Children's Realm at the Renaissance Art Faire, thanks to the volunteer work of countless members. Always a favorite, another medallion making meeting is scheduled for June 19, 2017.  Finally the annual Holiday Sale just before Thanksgiving will gave 20-24 members the chance to sell their work to the local community.  



Benefits to members include:

  • Monthly meetings, usually held in members' homes or studios.  Some meetings are held at the Las Cruces Museum of Art or at a local restaurant

  • Interesting programs, demos or presentations and the chance to meet other potters

  • A monthly newsletter

  • Educational information, such as videos, which are available for checkout

  • Reduced rates for workshops

  • Alternative firings, such as Raku or pit firing

  • Annual bulk clay buy allows members to recieve great pricing on clay and other supplies from Laguna Clay Company

  • Annual holiday sale  

Joe Angelo is pictured above at the annual Holiday Sale talking to customers at the Homebuilders Association Event Hall in November of 2015.

Board of Directors

The Potters' Guild of Las Cruces Board consists of an executive management team which includes a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

  • Bernita Davis: President

  • Vice-President

  • Letha Rushing: Treasurer

  • Cindy Waddell: Secretary

The Standing Committee Chair Persons make up the remainder of the Board

  • Barbara Williams: Programs and Holiday Sale

  • Linda Reeder-Sanchez: Renaissance Art Faire

  • Randy Summers: Newsletters and Publicity

  • Jeannine Summers: Membership

  • Jan Archey: FaceBook coordinator

  • Mary Lou LaCasse: Exhibition Coordinator

  • Letha Rushing: Co-Chair Empty Bowls 

  • Cindy Waddell: Web Mistress

If you would like to read the minutes from the last Board Meeting (March 14, 2017) just click here.

The Guild operates from its By-Laws.

There currently are 64 members.  Annual dues are $25 collected by February each year.  Full time students can join for $15.