Workshop Well Attended

The workshop was full of hands-on people and it turned out to be a lot of fun!  We had an ambitious agenda and managed to get through all of it.  By far, the Obvara was the most popular. Marcia's large throwing and Sodium Silicate demo rated high as well on the evaluations.  Several liked experimenting with the latex. Finding out colors can be obtained on Saggar pieces without using toxic chemicals was a plus. Everyone went away with one or more motivating processes or images and no one was injured! 

Here Marcia demonstrates how to coat the pot with a fermented yeast and flour mixture while members look on.


Marcia explains how to add material to the pots for the sagger firing.


Here Marcia throws a second large pot at her demo during the workshop.


Here are some examples of Marcia's work.  The image pictured below is of a low fire terra cotta soda piece.


These next two pieces are fire using the Obvara techinque.



Finally, an example of a sagger fired pot.